Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It's Spring! Time to Renew Your Love

The cherry blossoms are blooming, the butterflies come to drink the dripping dew from the leaves...
-Japanese Haiku

When the winter thaw begins, the days grow longer and warmer,  many of us feel a new energy as we turn our hopeful eyes to the soft glow of a new season.  As the world is renewing itself our thoughts turn to the possibility of our own renewal...and with that, our love relationships.
In the Spring a young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love  (Alfred, Lord Tennyson) 

What can we do to take advantage of this new beginning?  As the ground softens to allow the bulbs to push forth their leaves and petals, so too, can we allow our hearts to soften toward our mate?  Do we notice the loveliness of his features, his laugh, his goodness--with new eyes and an open heart?  As the sun warms the air and our shoulders, can curvy roundness replace the stiff posture of pride and disapproval?

Winter is cold, frozen, stiff, and even in its icy beauty can be long, dull, dark and harsh. It's time to make way for Spring--lush, green, growing, soft, warm, growing, flowing, round and open.  Can you look at her with fresh, green eyes of wonder and see what you discover as your "fancy" turns to thoughts of renewed love?

Tips for Spring Cleaning your love relationship:
  • Have soft peaceful music playing when your mate returns home to you
  • Play favorite music when working at home together instead of having the TV on
  •  Bringing home a beautiful spring bouquet for no reason other than its simply beautiful and can bring happiness  to anyone's heart
  •  Fluffly new bed pillows --downy like a new born duckling- and new bed linens in fresh spring colors signifies a change of seasons (and heart)
  • Greet your mate with a full body lingering hug--hold her and look into her eyes--don't be uncomfortable--hold the gaze and see what you find
  • Take an after dinner walk with him--breathing in fresh air...and each other's presence--don't feel the need to say anything...just be...
  • Open your bedroom window slightly--let the cool night and morning air refresh you...and provide an excuse for snuggling
  • Spring break beckons---a great tradition even though you may have long graduated and have no children---go somewhere even if just to a downtown hotel for a night or two--visit some local sights, exhibits, galleries or restaurants that you haven't  yet had a chance to do.  If you do have children on Spring break share it with them--three nights for family--two nights for you two.
  •  Design your spring  garden flower bed and plant it together the first few Saturday mornings in Spring - then go out for breakfast.

 Remember, think Spring...warm,beautiful, sunny, pink and green--lovely Spring! These sensuous thoughts will carry over to all you do indeed.






  1. Thank you for the suggestions. I look forward to trying them.

  2. I find your tips very insightful! It's always the little things that mean a lot. My husband and I went on an evening walk the other night and we had such a wonderful conversation. It felt so good to be outside and in nature. This 30 min walk made us feel closer together,

  3. What if you do thoughtful things for your partner and they show no love or gratitude in return?

  4. I know if I took just one suggestion from this post it would not only brighten my husband's day, but my day as well. If I changed my attitude to be happy and hopeful like the Spring I think it would help out the whole family. I'm going to fluff up those pillows!

    Thanks Laura!

  5. You have great advice, and brightened my day!!! You seem to really know about making people happier in there relationships. Thank you.