Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Do you have a question about your relationship(s) or any interpersonal problem or challenge in your life?
Just ask Laura.  Send your question or contact her at .
Also, please feel free to suggest topics for future postings and of course, please add your comments.
Be sure to check in regularly for up to date advice on marriage, individual and family issues and especially answers to your questions on the challenges we all face.
Welcome and enjoy!

Please note that when presenting situations from my counseling practice, I have taken steps to disguise the identities of my clients--sometimes parts of three or four clients and or situations have been combined into one so that their identities are protected as some of the common themes that are presenting in my sessions are highlighted.  No real names or identifying factors are used.  That being said, I thank my clients for their openness, honesty and their willingness to change and improve their lives. Their examples and hard work constantly informs and improves my work. Their courage is my greatest inspiration.

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